Online Safety Information

Here is this week's online safety information.

DigiSafe-Daily-Day-8 (Getting Undressed)._.docx

Getting Undressed Colouring Sheet.pdf


The information to share today is for an app called Houseparty which is live chat app. We have been made aware that some students are using it to communicate with each other.

This is a link to see a poster and some more additional information.

houseparty safety national online safety poster.pdf


During this time it is very important to keep your children safe online as they will probably be spending more time online.

Below you will find link to a poster with tips and guidance.

Internet Matters - Personal Information.pdf

We would also like you to have a discussion with your children this week on Personal Safety, Please use the link below to help you.

This is a link to a video that BT have created, you may have seen it already. BT Tech Tips for parents: