School Policies

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A-Z handbook 19-20 Review July 2020.doc

Accessibility Plan Review June 2023.pdf

Accessibility Plan 2020 Action Plan.pdf

Admission Policy Review Sept 2022.docx

Alcohol and Drugs Misuse Policy Review April 2021.doc

Art & Design Policy Review July 2022.docx

Asthma Policy Review Feb 2021.doc

Attendance Policy Review Sept 2021.doc

Best Value Statement Policy Review April 2021.doc

Calculation Policy Review Nov 2021.docx

Charging and Remission Policy Review July 2020.doc

Code of Conduct for parent, carers and visitors.docx

Code of Conduct for Governors 2018-19.doc

Collective Worship Policy Review May 2022.doc

Community Cohesion Policy Review Sept 2021.doc

Community Links.doc

Complaints Policy Review July 2021.odt

Curriculum Statement - Whole School.doc

Design and Technology Policy Review June 2022.doc

Disability Equality Scheme Review May 2021.doc

Disciplinary Policy Review June 2022.docx

English Policy Review April 2022.doc

Equality Policy Review November 2022.doc

Equalities and Diversity Policy for School Based Staff Review July 2022.doc

Extended School Policy Review March 2022.doc

Finance Policy 2018-19 Review March 2020.doc

First Aid Policy Review May 2021.doc

Foundation Stage Policy Review Sept 2021.doc

Geography Policy Review March 2022.docx

Handwriting Policy Review April 2022.doc

Health and Safety Policy 2019-2020.doc

Helpers-Volunteers in School & Induction check for parents & students Policy Review March 2022.doc


Homework Policy Review Sept 2020.docx

ICT Policy.doc

ICT - Social Media Policy Review Jan 2019.docx

Internet - E Safety Review April 2020.doc

Internet - Email Safety Review April 2020.doc

Internet - Managing the Network and Equipment Review April 2020.doc

Internet - Use of digital and video images Review April 2022.doc

Internet ESafety Policy - Handling Infringements Review April 2020.doc

Internet Guidance Staff Review April 2020.doc

Internet Online Safety Policy Review April 2020.docx

Internet. - E-Security Policy Review April 2020.doc

Online-safety - Acceptable Use Policy and Agreement form - Staff.doc

Intimate Care Policy Review March 2022.docx

Inventory Control & policy for write-off Review March 2021.doc

Library Policy Review March 2022.docx

Liaison Policy Review March 2022.doc


Medication Policy Review March 2021.doc

Medication Policy - letter to parents 2019.docx

MIssing Child Policy Review July 2023.docx

More Able Policy Review Dec 2018.doc

Music Policy Review April 2022.doc

Outdoor Policy Review Sept 2021.doc

PSHE Policy Review March 2021.doc

Packed Lunch Policy Review Jan 2022.docx

PE Policy Review April 2020.doc

Positive Handling Policy Review March 2022.doc

Racial Equality.doc

Relationship & Behaviour Policy Review July 2022.docx



Sex and Relationship Policy Statement Policy Review March 2021.doc

Smoke Free Policy Review March 2022.doc

Social Media Policy Review March 2021.docx

SRE Policy Review March 2023.doc

Teaching & Learning Policy Review March 2022.doc