School Dinner

At Crownfield school we have a wonderful selection for school dinners each day and they are now free for ALL children.

Please find below links for the Dinner menu, allergy chart and carbohydrate chart:

Master Primary Allergy Chart.pdf

Sept2019 Crownfield Infant School.pdf

3 Choice Menu Carbohydrate Chart.pdf


Please find below a link to a visual copy of the dinner menu.

Menu Photos 19-20.pdf


Please note:

Our supplier has just informed us of a temporary change to the pears we currently purchase.
This substitution hasn’t caused any changes to allergens, however the carbohydrate amounts have changed slightly, that may affect some of your diabetic students.
Please see below for new carbohydrate amount for the Pear & Apple Sponge served in week 2:
Temporary Sub Pears: Carbohydrate per portion= 27.9g
No change to weight per portion.

We will advise you once the we go back to our original product and any changes that may occur.


In addition to receiving free school meals, all children, up to their 5th birthday also qualify for free milk. Please remember to registrar for this online using the link below or alternatively come into the office to obtain a form that can be completed and sent.