Crownfield Infant and Nursery School

Crownfield Infant and Nursery School

To Involve, Inform and Improve

If you are looking for a place at our Reception or Nursery for September 2022 please contact the school office and book one of our Tours.

White Hart Lane, Romford, Essex RM7 8JB

+44 (0)1708 741826

School Councillors and Eco Warriors

School Council and Eco Warrior 2020-2021

School Councillors 2020-2021

Class 1 - Roman O and Matilda B

Class 2 - Arya B and Harper M

Class 3 - Harry D and Mia N

Class 4 - Kenny S and Sienna H

Class 5 – Pippa B and Alfie C

Class 6 – Teddy M and Ida F

Class 7 – Maddison A and Eli C

Class 8 – Joshua O and Reed C


Eco Warriors 2020-2021

BLUE Matilda C and Brodie R

GREEN Arnie Z and Mya L

RED Noah S and Scarlett G

YELLOW Savannah F and Louis R

Class 1 Mason M and Ronnie I

Class 2 Mya N and Zackery V

Class 3 Harrison W and Felicity K

Class 4 Blessy A and Vivaan N

Class 5 Bobby F and Brody M

Class 6 William K and Besart V

Class 7 Zayne A and Lilly H

Class 8 Isla G and Ethan H


Class Ambassadors 2020-2021

NURSERY AM Poppy S and Joseph O

NURSERY PM Elsie-Mae F and Barney M

BLUE Jessica F and Freddie C

GREEN Elliot-Ellis D and Georgina S

RED Izabel H and Nathaniel T

YELLOW Willow A and Dawood F

CLASS 1 Nate C and Casey P

CLASS 2 Eesa A and Charlotte B

CLASS 3 Tomiwa A and Emily F

CLASS 4 Elif K and David O

CLASS 5 Kylan W and Amelia-May H

CLASS 6 Devin T and Daniel G

CLASS 7 Charlie B and Lillie O

CLASS 8 Izabella-Rose C and Kurt M

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