Crownfield Infant and Nursery School

Crownfield Infant and Nursery School

To Involve, Inform and Improve

White Hart Lane, Romford, Essex RM7 8JB

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Class Ambassadors/School Councillors/Eco Warriors and Digital Leaders

Class Ambassadors/ School Councillors/Eco Warriors/ and

Digital Leaders 2022-2023


Class Ambassadors 2022-2023


AM        Arthur B and Rosie P

PM        Rinushga M and Catalin M


Blue       Ezzah M and Ezra K

Green     River S and Elisa A

Red       Noah Mc N and Ayda R

Yellow     Ellis C and Charlie H

Year 1

Class 1    Millie M and Barney M

Class 2    Louie L and Evelina A

Class 3    Amayah I and Dragos B


Year 2

Class 5    Jessica F and Mina A

Class 6    Saskia T and Aditya R

Class 7    Nathaniel T and Daisy J

Class 8    Maria L and Damon R


School Councillors 2022-2023

Year 1

Class 1    Leya S and Kaira P

Class 2    Naima C and Ella A

Class 3    Anabelle P and Dolly C

Year 2

Class 5    Brodie R and Addison J

Class 6    Mya L and Kaiyon P-T

Class 7    Lilybeth Q and Khadija T

Class 8    Finley W and Holly-Mai B


Eco Warriors 2022-2023

Year 1

Class 1    Eliana w and Myan P  

Class 2    Samaveer S and Iyla-Rose C

Class 3    Harmony P and Sufyan H


Year 2

Class 5    Albie-Lee P and Khadija R

Class 6    Jesse-Rose P B and Noah U

Class 7    Blossom S and Aayah R

Class 8    Louis R and Alicia W


Digital Leaders 2022-2023

Year 1

Class 1    Carter K and Niva K 

Class 2    Arthur P and Benjamin T

Class 3    Joseph O and Alice L


Year 2

Class 5    Pippa F and Elyas G

Class 6    Georgina S and Aisha H

Class 7    Noah S and Kevin F

Class 8    Anna S and Savannah F-B

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