Crownfield Infant and Nursery School

Crownfield Infant and Nursery School

To Involve, Inform and Improve

Along with the rest of the United Kingdom we wish to express our sadness upon the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second

White Hart Lane, Romford, Essex RM7 8JB

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School Councillors/Eco Warriors/Class Ambassadors and Digital Leaders

School Councillors/Eco Warrior/Class Ambassadors and

Digital Leaders/Playground Friends 2021-2022


School Councillors 2021-2022


Yellow  Amayah I and Sufyan H

Red        Barney M and Myan P

Green   Beni T and Iyla-Rose C

Year 1

Class 1    Jessica F and Frankie H

Class 2    Kaiyon P and Saskia T

Class 3    Khadiji T and Aayah R

Class 4    Eldian A and Savannah F

Year 2

Class 5    Evie S and Roana T

Class 6    Tilly S and Matilda B

Class 7    Betsey A and Elliya T

Class 8    Blessy A and Sienna H


Eco Warriors 2021 - 2022


Yellow    Isla M and Blake T

Red         George G and Naima C

Green     Niva K and Jonathan O  

Year 1

Class 1  Zunaira A and Luca G   

Class 2    Phoebe G and Yunus H

Class 3    Nathaniel T and Lilybeth Q

Class 4    Dawwod F and Esmee S

Year 2

Class 5    Elsie E and Zackery VR

Class 6   Roman O and Maria Christina C

Class 7   Owen J and Charlie G

Class 8   Amelia W and Zehra G


Class Ambassadors 2021- 2022


AM    Francessa M and Rocco O

PM     Ryan A and Maddison A-F


Yellow  Joseph O and Dolly C

Red       Millie M and Daniel G

Green   Evelina A and Harry A   

Year 1

Class 1  Khadiji R and Addison J  

Class 2  Mya L and Arnie Z 

Class 3  Harrison D and Daisy J

Class 4  Willow A-O and Simas V

Year 2

Class 5   Mya N and Zayan A

Class 6    Scarlett M and David B

Class 7   Milana M and Felicity K

Class 8    Vivaan N and Ella A 

Digital Leaders


Yellow    Joel M and Harmony P

Red         Oliver B and Leya S

Green    Arthur P and Amber R

Year 1

Class 1    Parker J and Brodie R

Class 2    Adrian D and Humna Q

Class 3    Blossom S and Ankush K

Class 4    Zackaria B and Khaleelah Y

Year 2

Class 5    Ella T and Albie H

Class 6    Nate C and Damian L M

Class 7    Rajvansh S and Harrison W

Class 8    Adam R and Lucy B 

Playground Friends

Yellow       Dolly C and Sufyan H

Red            Emily J and Barney M

Green        Arthur P and Ella A

Year 1

Class 1       Rosie A and Brodie R

Class 2       Saskia T and Humna Q

Class 3       Ruby M and Izabel ~H_G

Class 4       Dawood F and Esmee S

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