Crownfield Infant and Nursery School

Crownfield Infant and Nursery School

To Involve, Inform and Improve

We have updated our Co-Parenting Policy and would ask all parents to read this. Can be found under Statutory Information and then Policies.

White Hart Lane, Romford, Essex RM7 8JB

+44 (0)1708 741826

School Councillors/Eco Warriors/Class Ambassadors and Digital Leaders

School Councillors/Eco Warrior/Class Ambassadors and

Digital Leaders/Playground Friends 2021-2022


School Councillors 2021-2022


Yellow  Amayah I and Sufyan H

Red        Barney M and Myan P

Green   Beni T and Iyla-Rose C

Year 1

Class 1    Jessica F and Frankie H

Class 2    Kaiyon P and Saskia T

Class 3    Khadiji T and Aayah R

Class 4    Eldian A and Savannah F

Year 2

Class 5    Evie S and Roana T

Class 6    Tilly S and Matilda B

Class 7    Betsey A and Elliya T

Class 8    Blessy A and Sienna H


Eco Warriors 2021 - 2022


Yellow    Isla M and Blake T

Red         George G and Naima C

Green     Niva K and Jonathan O  

Year 1

Class 1  Zunaira A and Luca G   

Class 2    Phoebe G and Yunus H

Class 3    Nathaniel T and Lilybeth Q

Class 4    Dawwod F and Esmee S

Year 2

Class 5    Elsie E and Zackery VR

Class 6   Roman O and Maria Christina C

Class 7   Owen J and Charlie G

Class 8   Amelia W and Zehra G


Class Ambassadors 2021- 2022


AM    Francessa M and Rocco O

PM     Ryan A and Maddison A-F


Yellow  Joseph O and Dolly C

Red       Millie M and Daniel G

Green   Evelina A and Harry A   

Year 1

Class 1  Khadiji R and Addison J  

Class 2  Mya L and Arnie Z 

Class 3  Harrison D and Daisy J

Class 4  Willow A-O and Simas V

Year 2

Class 5   Mya N and Zayan A

Class 6    Scarlett M and David B

Class 7   Milana M and Felicity K

Class 8    Vivaan N and Ella A 

Digital Leaders


Yellow    Joel M and Harmony P

Red         Oliver B and Leya S

Green    Arthur P and Amber R

Year 1

Class 1    Parker J and Brodie R

Class 2    Adrian D and Humna Q

Class 3    Blossom S and Ankush K

Class 4    Zackaria B and Khaleelah Y

Year 2

Class 5    Ella T and Albie H

Class 6    Nate C and Damian L M

Class 7    Rajvansh S and Harrison W

Class 8    Adam R and Lucy B 

Playground Friends

Yellow       Dolly C and Sufyan H

Red            Emily J and Barney M

Green        Arthur P and Ella A

Year 1

Class 1       Rosie A and Brodie R

Class 2       Saskia T and Humna Q

Class 3       Ruby M and Izabel ~H_G

Class 4       Dawood F and Esmee S

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