Here are some useful websites for parents: 


This is a link to the RM easi maths website that children are encouraged to do as part of homework. Teachers do monitor the time each child has been using it and can see the progress each chid has made.


This site has good educational activities.



Other good websites for  maths games.



A site to help with Phonics, including games and activities.

This site contains reading books with comprehension. There are also maths activities on the site which are very useful and fun for the children.


This is another good website for literacy games.



Want a one-stop site for everything you need to know about living in Romford with Children.  Visit Mums guide to Romford for information like What's on , Parent Toddler groups and much more.


Below are some useful website regarding the prevention and treatment of head lice.

Head lice prevention

Treatment for head lice