School Policies

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Accessibility plan 17-18.doc

Accessibility Policy 2017- 20.doc

Alcohol and Drugs Misuse.doc




Attendance 2017-2018 children.doc

Behaviour and Anti Bullying Policy 17-19.docx

Best Value Statement.doc

Calculation Policy.doc

Charging and remissions policy17-18.docx

Child Protection - Conduct of Staff 2018.doc

Child Protection peer-on-peer abuse policy - July 2017.docx

Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy 2017-18.doc

Child Protection - Whistleblowing Policy 2017.doc

Code of Conduct for parent, carers and visitors.docx

Collective Worship.doc

Community Cohesion.doc

Community Links.doc

Complaints Procedure.doc

Curriculum Statement - Whole School.doc

Design and Technology.doc

Disability equality scheme 2018- 2022.doc


English Policy 2017.doc

Equalities and Diversity.doc

Extended School Policy.doc

Finance Policy 2017-18.doc

First Aid Policy.doc

Foundation Stage Policy 2017.doc

Gender Equality.doc


Governor Parent-Staffelectionprocedure-updated 2013.doc

Handwriting and Spelling.doc

Health and Safety Policy 2017-2018.doc

Helpers in School.doc


ICT - Policy.doc

ICT - Social Media Policy Spring 2018.docx

Online safety policy-2017-18.docx

Online Safety - E Safety.doc

Online Safety - E-Security Policy.doc

Online Safety - Email Safety.doc

Online Safety - Managing the Network and Equipment.doc

Online Safety ESafety Policy - Handling Infringements.doc

Online Safety Policy.docx

Online-safety - Acceptable Use Policy and Agreement form - Staff.doc

Online Safety - Acceptable User Parents 17-18.docx

Online Safety - Use of Digital and Video Images.doc

Inventory Control and policy for write-off.doc



Managing the Risk - Car Use Checklist 22.doc

Managing the Risk - Car Use Checklist1.doc

06.09.12 Managing the Risk - Car Use1.doc

Marking Policy 2017.doc


Medication Policy 2017.doc

Missing Child Policy.docx

More Able Policy (Infants).doc

Music Policy 2016 -18.doc

Packed Lunch.docx


Positive Handling.doc

Racial Equality.doc



School SEN Policy.doc

School Improvement Plan.docx

Sex and Relationship Policy Statement 2010.doc

Smoke Free Policy.doc

Teaching and Learning.doc