Useful information for Parents

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Regular and punctual attendance is important for pupils as it gives them the best chance to make the most of the opportunities available at the school.

If your child is unwell you should contact the school office on the first day of absence, either by telephone or in person.

When your child returns to school they should bring with them a written note, signed by their parent/carer, for each period of absence. Absences will not be authorised without written explanation.

Other reasons for absence must be discussed with the school on an individual basis.
Leave may be granted at the school's discretion for appointments and commitments that are unavoidable during school time. Absences will only be authorised provided written explanation has been received.


Holidays should only be taken during the recognised school breaks.
If holidays absolutely need to be taken during school time the Headteacher / Governing Body will take into account the pupils general attendance and the timing of the holiday before deciding whether or not to authorise the absence.
Parents should discuss the timing of holidays with the school prior to making any bookings to avoid the child missing any important examinations etc.


Crownfield Infant School is fortunate to have access to a wide range of learning resources.

We have an Information and Computer Technology suite, with the capability to serve up to 30 pupils at a time.  In addition to this each classroom has an interactive whiteboard and at least three PCs. All computers in our school are networked to allow sharing of resources and access to the internet .

The school also has large playing fields within the school grounds giving plenty of space for sports and recreational use.


The Local Authority requires that no medicines are administered in schools. However, asthma equipment may be kept in the classroom. Please ensure that any equipment is clearly marked with the child's name and that inhalers are kept topped up.

If a pupil is taking antibiotics it is possible for the parent/carer to administer these at 12o'clock on the school premises.

It is important that the school is kept informed of the medical needs of its pupils.

Please contact the school office if you have any questions regarding medicines in the school.


From time to time parents and other connected parties may become aware of matters which cause them concern. To encourage prompt resolution of such situations the Governing Body has adopted a 'General Complaints Procedure'. This procedure has been devised with the intention of resolving issues quickly and informally where possible.
Full details of the procedure can be obtained from the school office.