Useful Websites

Child Protection

If a child, parent or professional are concerned about a young adult they can use the link below to report it directly to the Child Protection Advisors of the Police.

Internet Safety

The internet, social media and the variety of apps available can be a wonderful, fun and educational resource for your children and the family. As your child grows so will their sophistication levels when using those cyber resources.

Whilst the internet can be an interesting place it also comes with dangers for our children.

Here are some website links to support you and your family in keeping up-to-date and informed on how you can keep your children safe, educated and supported as they navigate this new and exciting technological age.

Family Services

Children's essential social, emotional and life skills are developed when they are babies and young children. Those who have stable, loving, consistent, fun childhoods have a greater chance of developing into healthy teenagers and happier adults, with better job prospects, healthy relationships and improved mental and physical health.

Sometime, as parents, we need information, advice, support or training on issues or circumstances that we had not anticipated nor have knowledge of how to manage them. In situations like this there are many support agencies dedicated to the help and support of families.

Here are some links to reputable agencies and / or websites that can offer information, support or advice on a variety of issues parents often encounter. If you would like to speak to someone in school then feel free to call and ask to speak to the Home / School support worker who will be happy to talk, support or signpost you to someone that can help.