Mrs  Nacmias

Reception Staff


   Mrs Rose               Miss Browne       Miss McGrath         Mrs Young               


     Mr Hodkin           Miss Davis            Miss Williams         Mrs Walker         

Year One Staff


    Mrs Sobrino        Miss Fothergill     Mrs Parekh        Miss Middleton


     Miss Peek           Miss Kinsella           Mrs Neal          Miss McMahon      


Year Two Staff


  Mr Watson            Mrs Daley            Miss Chappell       Miss Subhan                                           


     Mrs White                                      Mrs Grayson            Mrs Ince


 HLTA KS1                        KS1 Support


     Mrs Jones                                    Mr Sedgwick       Mrs Purtill           Mrs Page      


Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCo)

You can contact Mr Hinton directly at Dhinton.311@lgflmail.org


      Mr Hinton

Speech and Language     SEN Support Staff


    Mrs Noble                                    Mrs Auguste        Miss Meades             Ms Shani


Finance Officer           Home School Worker


 Mrs Markham                                     Mrs Saggers


Administration Staff


  Mrs Steadman       Mrs Norton         Mrs Mackin 


Nursery Staff


  Miss Martin     Mrs Moore      Mrs Marsh      Miss Peart    Mr Bellintani  Miss Whitehead


Catering Team

      Ms Wiles          and her team Mrs Jocyte and Mrs Little 


Midday Assistants


Miss Capon           Mrs Killigrew       Mrs Skinner      Mrs Andrews         Mrs  Reid           Mrs Howard


  Mrs Stone            Mr Sargeant        Mrs Seago          Mrs Dutton          Ms McDermott

Site Manager                Breakfast Club Assistant


Mr Meades                                            Mrs Anderson


Music Teachers 


 Mr Engle               Ms Anglim